1 in 3 ethnic minorities need 3 or more GP visits for cancer diagnosis, new survey reveals

The latest findings from the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey 2022 by QualityWatch, a joint programme with the Nuffield Trust and the Health
Foundation shed light on concerning disparities faced by ethnic minority communities in the UK healthcare system.

Despite strides in cancer care, the survey highlights persistent challenges in easy and equitable access to timely diagnosis and quality communication,
particularly for individuals from Mixed, Black, or Asian backgrounds.

Key insights from the survey underscored that individuals from ethnic minority groups often require a higher number of interactions with healthcare professionals
before receiving a cancer diagnosis.

Notably, one in three people from Mixed, Black, or Asian ethnicities needed three or more visits to a GP practice, compared to the average of one in five across
the population.

These delays in diagnosis can have significant implications for treatment outcomes and overall patient experience.

Moreover, the survey revealed concerning trends regarding the quality of communication following a cancer diagnosis among ethnic minority patients.