Adjustable Standing Desks | Portable Standing Desk – Humble Works February 23, 2021

Let’s start with the overall well-being of employees. If their jobs involve them spending long hours sitting behind a desk, then I could begin to wreak havoc with their health if they don’t dedicate some time to exercise and maintain healthy eating habits. Well-being isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ along with growth strategies and hitting targets anymore. It should be fully integrated with any company’s agenda. The truth is that if you’re not looking after your employees, you can’t expect them to look after your company and your customers. Ignorance is mutual, and it is the higher managements’ job to set the example. It can be seen that many companies have started seeing well-being programs seriously. 2017 was a milestone year as 70% of US employers introduced them from 58% in 2015.

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