[https://www.cioaxis.com/just-in/how-artificial-intelligence-is-helping-fend-off-cyberattacks Artificial Intelligence] (AI) is the ability of technology to think and act like a human and is being utilized to help fight off potential [https://www.cioaxis.com/just-in/how-artificial-intelligence-is-helping-fend-off-cyberattacks cyberattacks]. Employing AI and machine learning to detect vulnerabilities significantly enhances human capabilities, as AI can analyze and report millions of [https://www.cioaxis.com/just-in/how-artificial-intelligence-is-helping-fend-off-cyberattacks cyberthreats] in the time it might take a person to do the same.
AI can get “smarter” and “learn;” as an AI algorithm continues to search and monitor data, it can improve its understanding of diverse types of potential attacks.According to a study by PwC and Data Security Council titled “Cyber Security India Market: What lies beneath”, Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will be powering the ‘cyber war rooms’ in organisations to help them protect from increasing cyberattacks, as well as detect, predict and respond to the [https://www.cioaxis.com/just-in/how-artificial-intelligence-is-helping-fend-off-cyberattacks same]

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