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Cortical cataracts are a type of cataract that begins at the lens's margins and progresses towards the centre in a spoke-like pattern. Cortical cataracts form on the borders of the... Read More

Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) is a disorder characterised by abnormal retinal vascular development in infants born before 30 weeks of gestation. Although advanced stages of ROP may necessitate therapy, this... Read More

The most common symptoms of cataracts in adults are decreased or blurred vision and increased sensitivity to bright light. This, in turn, could mean problems with night driving. Reading... Read More

Conjunctivitis, more commonly referred to as pink eye, is caused when the thin clear tissue covering the white of the eye and lining the eyelid becomes inflamed. Dr Swati Sinkar... Read More

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Dr. Swati Sinkar is a well-known Paediatric Eye Specialist and Ophthalmologist in Adelaide, South Australia. She is a highly experienced ophthalmologist who is known for offering great patient-centered treatment. She... Read More

Digital Eye Strain occurs when your eyes are needed to focus for extended periods of time, such as when watching TV, driving, reading, or gazing at your phone or computer... Read More

Refractive errors is the term for a range of vision problems where the shape of the eye makes it difficult to see clearly. Dr Swati Sinkar is an Adelaide Paediatric... Read More