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Best Hospital in Mohali | Sohana Hospital

Sohana Hospital in Mohali has multi-specialty departments. With recognized doctors and support staff provides the patients and their families with a comfortable environment. Maintaining clean and healthy surroundings for patients... Read More

Heart Specialist Hospital in Mohali | Sohana Hospital

Various conditions related to cardiac issues like valvular heart disease, angina, congenital cardiac disease, rhythm disorder, coronary artery disease, heart failure, etc is treated efficiently by a team of well-... Read More

Gynaecologist in Chandigarh | Sohana Hospital

Can’t find an expert gynaecologist in Chandigarh? Choose from our panel of expert gynaecologists at Sohana Hospital. Irregular periods, PCOD, ovarian cysts, adolescent counselling, maternity issues, IVY infertility treatment, labour... Read More

Breast Cancer Surgeon | Sohana Hospital

Should it be mastectomy or breast cancer surgery? Are you wondering about the treatment that is best for you? Get the consultation about the treatment that can best suit you... Read More

Knee Replacement Surgeon Doctor

With modern medical amenities, spacious infrastructure, and 24x7 medical assistance, Sohana hospital is home to the most experienced doctors. If you are looking for an expert knee surgeon, then it... Read More

Best Gynaecologist in Chandigarh

A visit to a gynaecologist can be a wayout to several health conditions associated with the reproductive health of a female. The department of gynaecology in Sohana Hospital offers... Read More

Eye Doctor in Chandigarh | Sohana Hospital

Being the organ that gives the sight of the world, give your eyes the care they deserve. If you are facing any problem with your vision, do not leave it... Read More

Female Gynaecologist near me | Sohana Hospital

A visit to a gynaecologist can be beneficial to every female in several ways. Starting from learning about menstrual problems to what’s normal and what’s not, our team in... Read More

Knee Replacement Surgeon | Sohana Hospital

Arthritis can leave knee joint damaged, but we can get it resurfaced! At Sohana Hospital, our knee replacement surgeons are dedicated to providing top-class affordable treatments as well as surgical... Read More