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425carton box shredder machine

The carton box shredder is a device used to process waste cartons. After being cut by the machine, the waste cardboard can be turned into mesh paper or strips of... Read More

Comprehensive Pallet Crusher丨Industrial Wood Grinder

Nowadays, the comprehensive pallet crusher has a wide range of applications. For example, power plants, biomass pellet plants, and artificial board plants are equipped with integrated crushers. People use the... Read More

20-ton automatic rice mill plant

Individual farmers can buy one such combined rice mill plant with several exchanges. The rice grown in this way can be sold at a higher price after milling. So you... Read More

Hanger Production line | Cloth Hanger Making Machine

The hanger production line is mainly composed of a wire release machine (pay-off machine), clothes hanger making machine, plastic spraying gun, plastic powder recycling booth, dryer machine. The raw material... Read More

The continuous carbonization furnace is a new type of charcoal machine equipment. It is used for the mass production of rice husk charcoal and coconut shell charcoal. This industrial charcoal... Read More

Log Debarker Machine丨Wood Peeling Machine

Shuliy Machinery produces two types of wood peeling machines, one is a small vertical wood peeling machine. And the other is a large horizontal wood peeling machine. Their barking methods... Read More

Combined straw cutter and grain grinder is a multifunctional agricultural machine. It is a multi-purpose machine that can perform three functions: straw cutting, shredding, and grain grinding. Therefore, farmers can... Read More