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Soni-OfficeMate is an international brand of products manufactured and marketed by M/s Soni Polymers Pvt. Ltd., the Soni Group's flagship, which we commenced operations in 1981.
We are an ISO 9001 organization based out of India's geographical center, Nagpur.
Whiteboard Marker 8 pc PP Box
* Refillable
* Low odor
* Thick barrel
* Bright color
* Confirms ASTM D 4236.
* 1 Display Box = 8 Pcs
Make a mark on what you present in offices, schools, hospitals, etc.
A tool that will stand testimony to your constant use and reuse on whiteboards.
The Whiteboard Markers are specially designed so that your words are emphasized not just on whiteboards, but on various other surfaces, and when it would help if you erase it comes off easily.
It’s refillable.
However, with a high cap-off time, the refilling parameter is as good as obsolete for the marker.

Whiteboard Marker 8 pc PP Box