In this digital disruption era, smart devices – including smartphone, smartwatch and other voice-driven devices are exploding and reached across the customer touch points. These smart devices with various modes of interaction – voice, touch, touch, gestures, etc. provide expanded experience to customers.

Latest reports says, customer downloaded 194 billion apps in 2018 and global app store consumer spend is $101 billion in 2018, about 75% increase from 2016.

Mobile consumed 62% of global digital advertise spend in 2018, and it is about 50% increase from 2017.

No one can keep the above data points aside; and here are the top five benefits of building mobile app for your business.

Reachable to Customers at All Times
Based on the latest reports, customer average spend in mobile is three hours in a day. This means – a world of opportunity is open to reach to your customers unconsciously and move from there. Using app, it is easy to provide custom offers, info, price, order form, search features, messengers, news feeds, and much more – everything with a personalized and contextualized experience.

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