Insect bites and stings surge: Searches for NHS advice triple

Insect bites and stings typically increase in the summer in England. This year, however, there’s been an earlier-than-usual spike in the number of people
seeking NHS advice on the condition.

According to the NHS England, visits to its insect bites and stings web page have nearly tripled in the last three weeks compared to the same period last year,
peaking at an average of one visit every 22 seconds in the past week.

Over the span of 21 days, a total of 68,986 visited the page, marking a significant 162 per cent increase compared to the 26,368 visits recorded in the first three
weeks of May 2023.

Although insect bites or stings are usually not serious and people tend to get better after a few days, the health service has cautioned that they can lead to
infection or severe allergic reactions.

People are encouraged to refer to the NHS website for advice or visit their local pharmacy to get advice and treatment for common health conditions, including
infected insect bites.