LICKING SALT Animal Salt Lick 4 to 6 lbs Himalayan Salt Lick Block Pack of 12

Himalayan Natural Deer Salt Lick Block Amazing Deer Lick, Deer Love To Lick!
Salt and minerals are the essential components required for the proper growth and nutrition of living beings. In this modern electronic era, where the purity of nature has faded away and the natural composition of nutrition no longer exist , Himalayan Nature has designed Deer Salt Lick Blocks containing Himalayan Pink Salt that contains more than 84 minerals. Deer, horses and other cattle can no longer get required nutrition from their daily fodder and hay available to them, so keeping this in mind, animal Nutritionist have designed salt Licks to help the animal cope with their daily nutritional requirements. Saltlick is the salt block designed for the salt licking of Horses, deer, and cattle. The Himalayan Nature deer salt licking block is an amazing salt block designed by Himalayan Nature for nutritional fulfillment in deer and horses in a natural style. Himalayan Nature Deer Salt Mineral Block is an amazing product for deer licking because it is made from pure and natural Himalayan Pink salt extracted from the 400 million old mountains in the Himalayan mountain range.