Most Popular Nepalese Kukris – Famous Gurkha Kukri House

Kukriis regarded as the national weapon and utility knife that is used by people in Nepal. It is an integral part of Nepalese culture. It holds a unique place in Nepali culture which is more than just an elegant example of craftsmanship. It is the symbol of national pride and valor in battle and also personal bravery. It is the sign of Gurkhas. It has a distinct recurve in the blade which is used as a tool or weapon for cutting and chopping. In the ancient period, it was traditionally used by the Gurkhas. It often appears in Nepalese and is used in many traditional rites such as wedding ceremonies. It is more than just a weapon for Nepalese people. It serves as a role in peacetime, and it is also used as a knife and working tool in the Nepalese Society.

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