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Eicher 551 has a 49 HP engine with three cylinders and a 3300 cc capacity. Equipment such as a rotator, reverse plow, cultivator, and others can be used with the Eicher 551 tractor. The Eicher 551 is available with either mechanical or power steering. The Eicher 551 has a heavy-duty lifting capacity of 1850 kg, which is the best in class. The Eicher 551 includes a coolant-cooled cooling system to prevent the engine from overheating over extended periods of operation. The Eicher 551 has a single or dual type clutch, which is advantageous in agricultural applications and extends the clutch's life. The Eicher 551 has a 6 spline power take-off with 540 PTO rpm and 34 HP power.
In India, the Eicher 551 costs between 6.35 and 6.65 lakhs on the road. The on-road cost includes the ex-showroom price, RTO registration fee, road tax fee, and insurance fee. The Eicher 551 Tractor's on-road price is calculated using all of these factors. The price of the Eicher 551 tractor varies based on the model. TractorGuru offers the latest Eicher tractor at the best price.
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