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Collaborative learning is a sound idea given the numerous studies that suggest the benefits of students learning from and with each other by sharing ideas and perspectives. ecadema goal is to increase student understanding of content, to build particular transferable skills, or some combination of the two, instructors often turn to small group work to capitalize on the benefits of peer-to-peer instruction. Students are instructed to think or write about an answer to the question before turning to a peer to discuss their responses. Groups then share their responses with the class. Group activities enable students to discover deeper meaning in the content and improve thinking skills.Encourage students to become actively involved in a lesson.During small group sessions, teachers strategically group students to provide specific interventions or extensions that enable students to practice content in order to move towards mastery. Frequently assessing students' understanding is the key to successful small group sessions.Engaging and interactive course materials provide expertise and direction. Each course includes interactive video instruction with a world-renowned subject matter expert. Skills are taught in practical steps that can immediately be applied back on the job.Supervisors learn new skills then participate in a discussion, sharing their ideas and past experiences related to what they learned. During discussion, they connect new skills to the job challenges they face every day.

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