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surrogacy hospital in india

surrogacy hospital in india

Submitted by • March 8, 2020

Surrogacy refers to a contract in which a woman is pregnant "for" another couple. The number of infertile couples worldwide is close to India, where commercial subrogation is legal. While this agreement seems to be beneficial to all concerned, there are some sensitive issues that must be addressed through carefully written laws to protect the rights of surrogate parents and future parents.

Commercial subrogation is legal in India, Ukraine, and California, while it is illegal in England, many in the United States and Australia, which only recognizes altruistic subrogation. On the other hand, countries such as Germany, Sweden, Norway, and Italy do not recognize subrogation agreements. India has become a popular destination for fertility tourism. Every year, so-called surrogate agencies attract foreign couples to India, since the cost of the entire procedure in India is less than a third of the cost in the United States and the United Kingdom. United

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