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Astra Dairy all-natural, fresh from the farm milk is produced directly on the farm, from the cows to the bottle, so you get the freshest milk possible. The milk only... Read More

Astra Dairy provides you with natural cow milk in chennai, which means, our milk is never made with gums, stabilizers, additives, preservatives, artificial ingredients, coloring agents, or fillers. Which as... Read More

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At Mathrika Dairy, we're proud to bring you fresh milk straight from our farmers. Mathrika Dairy is a bridge between the farmers and the consumers in delivering fresh cows milk... Read More

Mathrika Dairy, “From our Farmers, To Your Family” is a Dairy company delivering farm-fresh Pasteurized and whole Cow Milk in Chennai. We act as a bridge between our farmers and... Read More

We take extra care for our cows and the farm by ensuring it is clean and hygienic. Our cow milk in Chennai is kept healthy as they get regular visits... Read More

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Farm Fresh & Pasteurized Cow Milk in Chennai. We pasteurize our milk to the minimum temperature to retain the most nutrients. Buy Now. Mathrika Dairy is a bridge between the... Read More