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The Transfer of Ownership takes note of that PCs for People will stick to all or any laws overseeing removal are responsible for information and acknowledge all hardware. Once stacked,... Read More

The industrial revolution and the advancement of information technology in the last century have fundamentally changed people’s way of life. Although this development has helped mankind, poor management has led... Read More

its type of waste has become a very serious problem for environmentalists. The reason is that every year more and more different electronic items are thrown away in our landfills.... Read More

Studies show that about 90% of TV and PC parts can be reused. In any case, more than 1.5 million e-squander is unloaded in landfills every year and e waste... Read More

E-waste free Pickup is helped on aPCs for People gives free e-squander pickup and recycling* of electronic waste from organizations, instructive, legislative associations. Computers for People have NAID AAA, and... Read More

E-waste management is a huge challenge for governments in many developing countries such as India. This is becoming a huge public health problem, and it is increasing exponentially every day.... Read More

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