Push-Pull Cables are dual cable assemblies that offer a full range of push-pull controls which provide a means of transmitting linear motion from one location to another.

What it does is help transfer motion?

This is an improved option to the standard single throttle cable linkage where one spring is responsible for throttling down. While on the other hand, if you choose the push-pull cable, in case the spring fails, the throttle linkage will go back to its idle status when you twist and pull the throttle. Providing better machine accessibility when moving hand gears, brakes, sliders, switch controls, couplings and other machine maintenance works.

Opting to use this type of cable means we choose to provide effective solutions to various control problems. Here at TGA Cables, we offer a wide range of push and pull cables and hardware to fit a range of circumstances. Manufactured at our factory in Melbourne, all of our products are made with the highest grade materials that are built to last.

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