The Heroine in Her Wind Palace – Watercolor Painting On Paper

This painting, "The Heroine in Her Wind Palace – Watercolor Painting" a masterpiece in Indian miniature art form, representing a royal lady, obviously a princess, seen across the gavaksha, or the oriel balcony of her wind-palace, presents a unique synthesis of various painting styles of medieval, as well as contemporary India. The features of the figure, a slightly angular face, sharp nose, large eyes, broad forehead, tall neck, exceptionally long fingers, and a slim tall figure, a great beauty by any parameter, are characteristic elements of the Kishangarh art style of Rajasthan. The damsel portrayed here has, in her great aesthetic beauty and elegant transparent costume, a unique resemblance with Bani-Thani portraits in which the Kishangarh art school discovered its finest model of feminine beauty.

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