US CMA Eligibility for India Students

"Fintram Global in association with Becker is bringing CMA (USA). Now you can become a CMA (USA) right here in India and open the door to a world full of exciting opportunities.

The ‘Certified Management Accountant’ is an internationally recognised Management Accounting Course. The course is governed by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) – Headquartered in the US.

A US CMA qualification will ensure you are at the centre of an organisation, working with the management team on key strategic decisions through your expertise in the accounting, finance, and business domains.

It is one of the most valuable programmes in the finance sector. For someone who dreams to make it big in the Management Accounting field, the US CMA course would be a great choice. In recent times, the Cost and Management Accounting Programme has become a quite popular choice amongst commerce students or those aspiring to enter the field."