There is not a single factor that creates a multibagger stock; basically, there have some or all of the following values in them.

Multibaggers are the companies who are money-wise sound and have a great business figure that can be scaled within a short period of time. They must have a disruptive product or a disruptive idea in the business.
A capability to scale up quickly is at the essence of becoming a multibagger. If a company is presenting uninterrupted growth for a longer sustainable period of time, then it would surely turn out to be a multibagger stock in the future.
You just need to have a high amount of serenity while investing in these stocks because they take time for 5 to15 years to become a profitable multibagger.
If we look at history then we can observe that small and mid-caps companies have offered the maximum number of multibagger stocks. Though, it does not mean that large-cap companies cannot be the multibagger stocks. Time and constant growth is what makes a stock is multibagger stock.
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