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Different Types of Warping Machine

The warping machine is a machine that neatly winds the cheese yarn into warp beams at a constant speed and under the same tension according to the number and length... Read More

How to Calculate Irradiance of Xenon Arc Tester

In optics, irradiance is the power per unit area of electromagnetic radiation incident on a curved surface. Radiant emittance (radiant exitance) is the power radiated from a surface per unit... Read More

Water Vapor Permeability Test for Textile

Tests are used to determine how many grams of water vapor can go through a cloth in a certain amount of time. The test findings are then shown as g/m²/24... Read More

Different Types of Rapier Loom

According to different weft insertion methods, shuttleless looms include rapier looms, jet looms, air-jet looms, water-jet looms and projectile looms. Among shuttleless looms, the weft insertion principle of the rapier... Read More